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Exercises for upper back problems

Exercises for upper back problems

Perform one to three sets of each of the following exercises. Do not stop between exercises. read more
Squat Level 2 Series

Squat Level 2 Series

If you are extremely comfortable with the first squat series progression, move to the next level. This is the advanced level with your feet firmly flat on the floor with no weight plate stack or wedge under the heels. read more
Bridge series of exercises

Bridge series of exercises

This series has two goals: mobility and stability of the pelvis through support from the posterior chain and gradual tension in the joints, especially the scapula. read more
Should massage be painful?

Should massage be painful?

There are two schools of thought on this. On one hand, there are devoted self-massagers who go far beyond the first level of responsiveness to massage and, as with any addiction, always need more. read more
Single-leg jump squat

Single-leg jump squat

Grasp a dumbbell in each hand with the arms up at approximately shoulder height. read more
Dumbbell training for weight loss

Dumbbell training for weight loss

Based on information from the World Health Organization, the prevalence of obesity around the world has nearly tripled since 1975, and this problem exists across the generations (WHO 2018). read more
What is periodization?

What is periodization?

Periodization is the practice of dividing training into specific cycles, with each cycle targeting a specific physiological adaptation. read more

Ideas for grab-and-go breakfasts

Keep fresh or dried fruit and juice in small reusable containers on hand, ready to grab along with one of the following: read more

Considering protein supplements for plant-based athletes

Vegetarian and vegan athletes can meet their protein needs through diet alone. read more

Why athletes need carbohydrates

Although carbohydrate, fat, and, to a lesser extent, protein are used to fuel physical effort, carbohydrate is the only fuel that can sustain the moderate- to high-level effort that is required in most sports and athletic endeavors. read more
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