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The American Sport Education Program (ASEP) is proud to be an educational partner with the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) in providing WBCA coaches with leading-edge coaching courses and resources.

Content experts at WBCA contributed to the ASEP release Coaching Basketball Technical and Tactical Skills, which serves as the text for the ASEP Coaching Basketball Technical and Tactical Skills online course, also endorsed by WBCA.

In addition to the text and online course, ASEP and WBCA launched the , found at where WBCA coaches can find numerous basketball coaching resources from ASEP and Human Kinetics.

Founded in 1981, the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association (WBCA) is composed of nearly 5,000 members and associated with more than 20 other organizations. Nearly every major collegiate women’s basketball coach is a member. The WBCA mission is to promote women’s basketball by unifying coaches at all levels and to develop a reputable identity for the sport of women’s basketball. The WBCA also aims to foster and promote the development of the game in all aspects as an amateur sport for women and girls. For more information about the WBCA, please visit .


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