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Golf Anatomy-2nd Edition


Balance and proprioception training for efficient energy transfer
Every great ball striker has the ability to control each body segment but must also consider the ground from which he or she is hitting. This last component is perhaps the least appreciated aspect of balance and proprioception.
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Rotational resistance and deceleration for injury-free swings
The movements that make the golf swing unique also make it challenging. The swing begins with the golfer at a standstill, feet and pelvis perpendicular to the target.
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Dynamic rotational resistance: step back internal shoulder rotation
Attach a band to an immovable object in front of you, somewhere between the floor and waist height. Stand upright with good posture, holding the tense band in your right hand out in front of you.
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Golf Anatomy-2nd Edition
Short Description

With 156 detailed, full-color anatomical illustrations, Golf Anatomy, Second Edition, depicts 72 exercises proven to improve strength, power, and range of motion. Golfers will add distance to drives, consistency to the short game, and accuracy to putts.

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Book   224 pages
ISBN-13: 9781492548423

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